Monday, July 9, 2012

Flight Home

Some final thoughts.  Our tour guide for the trip was absolutely fantastic.  I don't get how he can do this 11 months out of the year.  The whole trip went incredibly smoothly.  Most of our tour group was Slovak.  That made it a bit challenging for me to understand.  We had a wonderful group and we were never short on laughter.

Our plane was left the gate at Beijing on time, but we were late getting out.  Then once we were first in line to take off, someone decided to get up and use the bathroom.  Airline policy forced us to get out of line, we lost our place and had to get back in line.  By the time we took off I had already spent 2 hours on the ground in the plane in Beijing, before starting our 10 hour and 30 minute flight.  My only real concern was catching my plane in Seattle back to Denver.  I ran through customs as quickly as I could, rechecked my baggage, took two trains to get to different gates, got my new boarding pass, and boarded the plane in less than an hour.  We'll see if my luggage made it.

With this my vacation is over and with this final flight home it completes a trip around the world in two and a half weeks.  A good portion of which was traveled on the the surface and not in the air.  I must say this was an epic trip.  Tiring but satisfying.  Now a need a rest to recover from my vacation, but I go back to work tomorrow morning.  I am so thankful that I was able to take this trip with my wonderful parents.  I truly enjoy traveling with my parents!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip.

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