Tuesday, July 10, 2012


7/10/12 - I made it home OK.  I am back at work now.  I posted some additional days from my time in China.  I will update all posts with photos very soon.  China completely block access to all blogs.  I was not even able to send mail from there.

7/5/12 - Today was our final day in UB.  Tomorrow we leave for Beijing.  I am told gmail, blogs, and facebook are completely inaccessible from China.  So this will probably be my last post before I get home.

7/4/12 - Happy birthday USA.  I am celebrating it by spending a night in a Mongolian Yurt.

7/3/12 - We're in Ulaanbaatar.  Great internet connection today.  We're off to explore for the day.

7/1/12 - We're back in Irkutsk.  This is first decent internet connection we've had the whole trip.  New daily post and I added photos to previous days.  God bless!

6/30/12 - The hotel is still having internet issues.  I am behind the reception desk again.  I hope it will work tonight so that I can post some pictures.  God bless!

6/29/12 - Greetings from Lake Baikal in Sibera.  The hotel is having internet connection problems.  I am writing this from behind the reception desk.  They tell me it will be fixed tomorrow.  Sorry no updates today.  We are having a wonderful time.  God bless!


  1. YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!
    Glad you are all having a good time. So how are the trees in Sibera?

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